Building the future of finance

We help financial companies and banks find impactful opportunities offered by technology. We create and test blueprints for organizational change through creativity, engineering, and innovation.

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The bank of the 21st century is a technology company.

New digital technologies are changing customer expectations and driving a fundamental shift in banking. While many solution providers offer consulting first and technology as an afterthought, we aim for actionable strategies which combine technology and software solutions with startup-style thinking.

Our method

We rely on market testing, making customer interaction, design, and motivation primary. This means our cycles are short, usually six months to a minimum viable product.

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Foster an idea

Like all great products, our ideas start at the base level. We always make solving users’ problems our top priority, and our goal is to facilitate the organic growth of our original concepts to do just that.

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Prototype, test, and validate

It’s our ambitious attitude that pushes products forward at a rapid rate. Getting a viable product into users’ hands allows us to understand how to better meet their needs.

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Turn concept into a reality

Pushing a product to market is just the beginning of our journey. We thrive on watching our products develop and change over time. It’s our users that guide us into our next big discoveries.

Our products

We’re currently working with financial institutions across the world to bring you the best finance technology possible.

  • BFF


    One-on-one conversation based financial management.

  • On Lease


    Smarter business-to-business equipment financing.

  • Roundtrip


    A faster and more efficient way to develop software.

The latest from our team

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our blog

How Venmo destroyed a cultural taboo

‘Bei Geld hört jede Freundschaft auf’ or ‘Money is where every friendship stops’ — This is a famous saying Germans will hear or say frequently...

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A Culture of Greatness Breeds Success

Sometimes you have to join another team. Sometimes you must make personal sacrifices. Other times you need to do both.

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The State of Design Leadership

It wasn’t long ago that we were debating for our seat at the table, and rightfully so, given the impact designers can have on a company’s value.

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Meet the team

Pivotus is a cross-functional team of entrepreneurial business leads, product managers, designers, data experts, and engineers. Our ready-made teams use a startup model, with the type of autonomy which attracts true entrepreneurs.